Saturday, May 23, 2009

Grape Soda is Awesome

So, I've been a bit of a slackard. I haven't had much energy for anything that doesn't involve hulu. I guess I needed a break from sewing, but I seem to have the bug again. W00t! My goal is to burn through all my stockpiled fabric while the desire to sew lasts.

I finished the purse for my friend Kobi, which you can see above. I absolutely love this fabric and may use it as inspiration for redecorating the living room/dining room. But we'll wait a bit to see if any bites come through on the job front.

For those who don't know me personally, I used to work for a certain big box electronics retailer that closed recently. Being that retail floor planning is pretty specialized, the only leads I've had are many states away, so I'm trying to limit how much we do to the house. In fact, as I look around at the things in our house, I ask myself, "Do I want that enough to move it?"

Anyway, besides Kobi's purse, I finished the dinosaur purse and found out the requester actually wanted two dinosaur purses, so yay! There's the red dinosaur to the right and his green brother. How do I know they're boys? I just do.

For anyone who may be interested, I'm thinking I'll do a dinosaur applique tutorial soon. This coming week will be very busy, so it may be the following week.

I just started a cherries purse out of what is supposed to be a girl's sundress and I like how it's looking. You'll see that with the next update, hopefully, along with the beginnings of my new line of super scary purses! (You'll be so fweaked out.)

-Mel P

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