Sunday, July 26, 2009

Random Thoughts on Packing

I have a love/hate relationship with packing. Organizing things and making them fit into boxes appeals to my nature. It's a lot like a big puzzle. It's even what I do for a living, essentially. Arranging things in a fashion that makes the best use of the space.

So what do I hate about it?

1- It's manual labor. I don't particularly care being hot and/or sweaty.

2- I get obsessed with packing "correctly." I will re-open boxes to make sure that things are packed with their like items. This leads to some irritation when I discover a rogue mixing bowl that should have been packed with the other mixing bowls. However, this does making unpacking extremely easy.

Packing tip! Stealing a technique from a friend, I've been using plastic wrap for packing breakables. It cushions and it keeps things from moving inside the box!

Here's a picture of Zeena "helping."

Thus concludes the most uninteresting post evar!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Times They are A'Changin'

I've gotten really behind on my blogging. I would almost feel guilty about it if anyone actually read this. :-)

As mentioned in a previous post, I've been unemployed since the company I worked for (rhymes with Schmircuit City) went out of business. I work in the field of retail space management, so my options are limited to retail headquarters. The Richmond, VA area doesn't have many more left, leaving me to pursue opportunities elsewhere.

So, elsewhere we will go! I've accepted a job with a company located near Chicago. I'll be very vague about my future situation for the protection of my job.

Anyhoo, my world has been occupied with interviews, planning, packing, etc. Unfortunately, this hasn't left much time for purse making. Once I'm relocated and settled I'll have more time to devote to crafting and blogging. Especially since I'll be leaving by hubby behind for 6 months to finish school.

I'll be making a headboard for the new place. Maybe I'll take some pics as I go and blog about that.

I'm very excited about the upcoming move. While I love this area, I've been here most of my life and am looking forward to having new things to see and new areas to explore.

If you, good reader, happen to be from Chicago, feel free to comment give me some ideas of cool things to do!