Monday, October 18, 2010

So Cweeeepy!

Halloween is my fave! I'm essentially a goth-girl gone corporate and I get stupid excited this time of year about all the creepy, spooky things to be found. Normally, I'd have a few projects up my sleeves, but this year there's been zero time for creepy crafts. However, I have been eyeing other people's projects and this one over at This Momma Makes Stuff nearly made me do a happy dance in my seat at work!

Prepare yourself for the spine-tingling terror of....

Zombie Barbies!!!

How simple is this?! Spray paint and Sharpie. Seriously! And it's creepily effective. There's nothing scarier than freaky dolls... Except maybe freaky kids. Redrum!

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  1. Awesome and Super Creepy!!! Did I tell you that I got my nephew to walk around the house saying Redrum and it totally freaked my sister out?!?! HAHAHA!!! That kid makes me smile :o)