Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hello, Interwebs

Greetings from (near) Chicago! The last few months have been filled with moving, starting a new job, our first anniversary and my birthday. I've been trying to settle in as much as I can in a temporary house with my husband living in another state. I feel like I'm coming out of the funk though. It's time to put my stamp on the house, put together my crafting area and do things that make me feel like Mel P. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Eating chocolate
  • Getting a pedicure
  • Making snarky comments
I just read through my old posts and realized how many projects I've started, but haven't finished. I have so many ideas, but there's so much stuff to watch. :-)

I just made a spreadsheet that, when purse dimensions are entered, calculates the size of the pieces of fabric that need to be cut. You'd think I'd have the math memorized by now, but not so much. This will greatly simpify things!

The etsy store is continuing to truck along slowly. I recently commissioned a new banner, avatar, business cards, etc. from Little Loveables. She did a fantastic job! Exactly what I was looking for. I also sold a purse to someone in Australia, which was super exciting.

By the way, you can now become a fan of Pomely Grove on facebook! All the cool kids are doing it. (Note: there's only like 6 cool kids at this time. You can get in on the ground floor.)

In other exciting news, the Pacman purse received a very nice review at GadgetHER.

Time for a snack...
Mel P


  1. Just one of the "cool kids" stopping by to say "hi!". Did I tell you how awesome the new logo is? LOVE IT!! :o) Also, I love that, in your infinite wisdom and nerdiness, you put together a spreadsheet to calculate your fabric dimensions. Yet another reason I heart Mel P!

  2. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! I started following your blog so I can keep up with your wacky, madcap adventures.