Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Paper Blossoms

No new projects to report here, but look at this one from Lemon Tree Creations!

I love the simplicity of this project. It's so wonderfully pretty and easy to do. I can't wait to try this one out!

In other news, we're going to be moving in a few weeks, which has put a damper on the crafting and posting. On the bright side, I'll have a whole new place to decorate and post about.

You know, I started this post by saying there are no new projects, but that's not entirely true. The Hubs and I are officially looking to get knocked up! In typical Mel P fashion, I'm treating this like the ultimate DIY project, complete with extensive research and timelines. There's even a jingle, which I can't really share in this medium. Of course, I'm getting waaaay ahead of myself and looking into room design elements, but I've drawn the line at making any purchases before the bun is in the oven. Anyway, more on Project Sweeney-Baby as events unfold!

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  1. Hehe, I love how you consider "making a baby" a project. Good Luck! :)