Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Feeling Moody

It's time for the blog to go in the blender. I'm anxious to introduce a whole new look and feel! Some changes are already in place: New colors, separate pages for the about me page, the Etsy shop and my tutorials. Other changes are still in the works.

I just posted a request on Alchemy for someone to "rebrand" the blog and the shop. This is a relatively small rebranding effort, as it goes. My goal is to get a couple shiny new banners and coordinating business cards to make me seem more legit.

In an effort to communicate the look I'm going for, I put together this mood board.

Since I've been making purses, I've started thinking in fabrics, so that's where I went for inspiration. As I was putting this together, it spawned several new purse ideas. :-)

To make the mood board, I surfed Fabric.com and saved the ones that communicate the image I want. Because I have limited access to awesome photo editing programs, I resized and cropped the images in Paint, compiled them in PowerPoint, pasted a screenshot back into Paint and saved it as a jpeg. Good lord, I need PhotoShop.

Non sequitur alert! Someone nearby is eating something garlicky. Can't wait for lunchtime.

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