Monday, August 23, 2010

Grundy: Part Two

When last I posted, I was in fear that we'd be staying at the YMCA in Grundy, VA. Dear reader, you'll be relieved to know that we slept comfortably at a motel. You see, the information for the motel on Google Maps was lacking, and thus we were routed to the center of the town. Thankfully, we got the actual address on the way and made it there without incident.

I'm afraid I didn't get many pictures while we were there. It was difficult to take pics from the car while clutching for my dear life on the windy mountain roads. But here are a few...

a glittery rose

an SUV hearse

mountainy goodness

Of course, I didn't have my camera on me for the amazing view of the steam coming off the mountains after a torrential rain. Close your eyes and picture it. I'll wait...

All in all, it was a good trip. Aside from the funeral, that is. Grundy is a pretty little town full of character and I met tons of family I didn't know that I had. It was an interesting experience to feel so incredibly welcome by a group of "strangers." And it was a good opportunity to work through some personal baggage.

Somehow, we screwed up getting Chick Fil' A on the way back. I'm still kicking myself for that.

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