Thursday, September 23, 2010

Craft Crush: Alisa Burke

Welcome to a new segment of the blog called Craft Crush! The idea behind Craft Crush, is to recognize those artists that I find inspiring. Crafters so fantastic they make me strive to be better.

My first Craft Crush was an obvious choice for me. As a professional artist and teacher, Alisa Burke does more than her fair share to make the world more beautiful and more fun. What I find most admirable about Alisa is her daring use of color and texture! I always look foward to her blog updates to see what new awesome-ness she is up to.

In her The Evolution of an Idea posts, she walks you through her process of finding inspiration in everyday things. A peacock handbag, for example, was inspired by a trip to the zoo. Maybe it's because I approach things completely differently, but I love seeing her sketches.

Alisa also blogs some fantastic tutorials. Check out this tutorial on pillows made from the letters and notes that she and her husband have written each other. It's a wonderful sentiment and so pretty!

On Alisa's blog, she also shares some amazing recipes, such as these spring rolls. I mean, seriously. They're almost too pretty to eat!

If you're interested in learning more about theory, technique and inspiration, Alisa offers online classes! Her latest class is called Color Your World, and is about "finding your voice and setting yourself free with color."

Alisa Burke is a complete original and a creative powerhouse. I'm sure you will find her as fabulous as I do. Now, go try out a color that you wouldn't normally dare to!

Alisa Burke's Blog
Alisa's Online Classes
Alisa's Etsy Shop

Note: All images are sole property of Alisa Burke and used with perimission.


  1. Agreed that she is amazing!! Her use of color is just incredible- I love how she takes inspiration from everything around her. When I look at her work, I think of something my mom has told me in the past, "if it didn't go together, nature wouldn't put it together"! Love the new segment!!
    Amanda @

  2. Alisa Burke is TOTALLY AMAZING. Thanks for sharing this post. First time on your blog and will definitely be back. Really enjoy your blog and this new category.
    Best to you,