Thursday, September 16, 2010

My First Treasury!

Inspired by my friend Amanda's treasury, I decided to make my own. What a fantastic way to show appreciation and shine a little light on some wonderful artists.

A treasury, for the uninitiated, is a collection of items on Etsy that fit a theme. The purpose is to make shopping easier by creating a group of like things and to raise the exposure of all involved. The cream of the crop get chosen for Etsy's front page.

With Halloween on the way, I put together a list of items inspired by Edgar Allan Poe and his writings. Have a look!

As I was searching for the items, a couple of things occurred to me.
  1. The pictures of the items, in order to be front page worthy, need to be works of art in and of themselves. This stressed to me the importance of perfect item photos, which I know I need to work on.
  2. Whenever possible, I chose a seller with fewer sales. That's not true for all of the items included, but, when trying to decide between two items, I did my best to pick "the little guy."
  3. Compiling a treasury is more work than you would think! "I'll just pick some stuff I like and be done with it," you might say. But a good treasury tells a story. Finding items to compel the story that have awesome images can require a fair amount of looking. Even when the items were chosen, I worked with placement to create a balanced group of pictures.
  4. It was a lot of fun! I may try to do one of these once a week.
Let me know what you think! Regardless of what you think of my treasury, you should click on over and check out the amazing artists!


  1. OO great idea. That venetian mask is fantastic.

  2. Thanks, Noami! So many pretty things, right?

  3. I love your treasury! So subtle!! :o) I can't wait to see more!
    Amanda @